Best Whitening Cream by Dr Khurram Mushir, English / Urdu

Best Whitening Cream

This cream is suitable for who couldn’t find Alpha Hydorxyl Cream, Kojic cream or hydroquinone cream. Hopefully everybody will find these ingredients easily.


  1. Turmeric powder – 10g
  2. Medicated ubtan – 10g
  3. Baal jharr – 10g
  4. Liquorice – 5g
  5. Orange skin – 10g
  6. Husne yousaf – 10g
  7. Milk – as required
  8. Kewra water – as required
  9. Rose water – as required


Mix all ingredients in rose water or kewra or milk, it’s your choice, and apply this cream at night and wash next day with rose water. Your face will clear and your colour complexion will fair.


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