Chemical Reaction of Cosmetics by Dr Khurram Musheer

Chemical Reaction of Cosmetics


Chemical Reaction of Cosmetics

Burnt Skin or Contact Dermatitis Due to Usage of High Potency Chemical Cosmetics and Mehndi treatment by Dr Khurram

Orange Skin Tonic:


  1. Sweet almond oil – 4 tbsp
  2. Coconut oil – 4 tbsp
  3. Lanolin – 1 tsp
  4. Tincture of benzene – few drops
  5. Orange flower extract – few drops
  6. Emulsifying wax – 1 tsp
  7. Bees wax – 1 tsp


  • Mix all above ingredients and keep in jar.
  • When ever skin mild burn due to cosmetics use this solution and if its burn severe then use silver nitrate cream.

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