Dr Smith Jhatka Diet (2) for 4 days: in Urdu – English

Dr Smith Jhatka Diet Dr Smith Jhatka Diet


Dr Smith jhatka diet, in 20 days you will lose fast weight. You need to follow 4 days same plan in 20 days. This is No 2 plan.

Dr Smith Jhatka Diet (2) for 4 days:

Diet 2

2 cups of coffee with 1 tsp milk per cup
1 palm sized serving of fish or chicken without skin (grilled or steamed)
1 cup of cooked beans (chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils)
2 cups of green garden salad with 3 tbsp of low fat dressing (you can increase the amount of salad)
1 cup of raw or cooked carrots
1 cup of sliced cucumber with low fat dressing
1 apple
1 pear
1 diet drink (cola)

Take 2 snacks from below

2 oatcakes topped with peanut butter
4 large marshmallows
½ bagel with light crème cheese
1 small baked sweet potato with 2 tbsp low-fat sour cream
2 cups of plain popcorn
½ chicken wedge on whole grain bread with 1 tsp low fat mayo
1 cup of watermelon

Dr Smith Jhatka Diet 3

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