Effective Treatment for Unwanted Facial Hair by Dr Khurram Mushir

Unwanted Facial Hair

Effective Treatment for Unwanted Facial Hair


  1. Vitamin A cream – pea size
  2. Noshadar or alum 1 pinch
  3. Moisturising lotion load of
  4. Ibuprofen Cream – 10 gm
  5. Emla Cream (Lignocaine) – 5 g
  6. Capsican cream – 5 g
  7. Methyl salicylate – 5 g


  • Mix vitamin A cream, noshadar or alum and moisturizing lotion in four creams well, then apply on unwanted hair overnight, then next day wash with the mixture of medicated ubtan, lemon juice and rose water.
  • Every morning take evening primrose oil capsule and every night take 1 tbsp cod liver oil.
  • Your hair growth will reduce gradually and your face will glow.
  • Apply warm wax every 15 days.
  • Contact direct to Dr Khurram about this treatment, through phone or TV.


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