Fungal Infection on Hands Treatment by Dr Khurram

fungal infection on hands treatmentfungal infection on hands treatment

Fungal Infection on Hands Treatment by Dr Khurram

Our hands’ skin is too sensitive; due to cheap quality of hand wash and washing liquids, the skin sometimes starts to tear, small pimples appear on hands, they get itchy and get injured. That is called fungal infection. You need Fungal infection on hands treatment, for that treatment you need to make a cream and apply 3 times a day. Along with that cream, take 1 Desloratadine tablet at night and Biotin tablet twice a day. Take tablets with 1 glass of milk with almond and pistachio.

Hand wash:

Take warm water, add iodine salt or pink tincture iodine, mix and dip hands in this water for 10 minutes, then pat dry and apply below cream on your infected hands.

For Cream:

  1. Clobevate cream 5g
  2. Lactic acid or petroleum jelly – 1 tsp

Mix and apply three times a day on hands. This treatment will show results in 2 weeks.


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