Homemade Soap and Cream for acne in urdu

Homemade Cream and Soap for Acne

Homemade Cream and Soap for Acne

  1. Gentamicin Cream
  2. Urea cream

Mix and apply on face twice a day, at night, then spray medicated rose water.

Homemade Soap for Acne:


  1. None perfumed soap
  2. 2 tsp cod liver oil
  3. Crushed almond
  4. Glycerine – 4 tsp
  5. Neomycin cream
  6. Rose petals
  • Mix all ingredients in soap and cook until thick mixture, put in fridge for 72 hours, wash your face and full body.
  • It will remove acne, pimples.

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