How to Get Rid of Female Chin Hair by Dr Khurram

How to Get Rid of Female Chin Hair

How to Get Rid of Female Chin Hair. Women typically have little hair on their faces, apart from eyebrows and the vellus hair that covers most of their bodies. However, in some cases, women have noticeable facial hair growth, most commonly after menopause.

Excessive hairiness (especially facially) is known as hirsutism, and is usually an indication of atypical hormonal variation.

Get Rid of Female Chin Hair

  • Take every day one Evening primrose oil capsule.
  • Mix pea size vitamin A cream in handful moisturizing milk and apply on chin hair for whole night.
  • Then in the morning make a paste of medicated ubtan, gum, and alum and turmeric powder and apply on face.
  • When it dries out, gently rub it off. Wash with rose water.Try this remedy at least for 30 days.


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