how to make strawberry cheesecake from scratch

How to Make Strawberry Cheesecake from Scratch

How to Make Strawberry Cheesecake from Scratch

How to Make Strawberry Cheesecake from Scratch

Ingredients for Crust:

  1. Digestive biscuits – 200 gm (make crumbs)
  2. Butter, melted – 75 gm or 3 tbsp

Mix biscuit crumbs in melted butter and press into your preferred pan, and bake in preheat oven to 350 degrees F, Gas Mark 4, 180C for 8 minutes. Then set aside.

Ingredients for filling Cheesecake:

  1. Curd cheese – ½ cup (1/2 cup yogurt hang in muslin clothe for whole night)
  2. Cream cheese – 200 gm
  3. Sugar – 10 tbsp
  4. Egg whites – 3
  5. Egg Yolks – 3
  6. Whipped cream – 400gm
  7. Strawberry essence – few drops
  8. Icing sugar – 2 tbsp
  9. Gelatin powder – 1 tbsp (dissolves in 1/4 cup water)


  • Take a pan, put in water and gelatin powder, mix well and put on heat for 30 seconds and remove.
  • Beat egg whites along with 5 tbsp sugar until stiff.
  • Take another bowl add egg yolks and 5 tbsp sugar, beat, then add curd cheese and cream cheese, beat with beater, during beating add gelatin mixture, whipped cream and strawberry essence, beat for 2 sec.
  • Then add egg whites and mix with spatula.
  • Pour batter into prepared crust, and then cover and put in the fridge to chill.
  • Once fully chilled, then decorate with strawberry puree and whipped cream.
  • It is ready to serve.

For Decoration:

  1. Gelatin powder – 1 tsp (dissolves in 1 tbsp water)
  2. Strawberry puree – 1 cup
  3. Sugar – 3 tbsp
  4. Red food colour – few drops
  5. Strawberry essence – few drops
  6. Whipped cream – as required
  • Cook puree with sugar until sugar dissolves, then add essence, food color and gelatin mixture, mix and spread on cheese cake.
  • When puree settles down, decorate with whipped cream and serve.


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