How to do Plank Exercise in Urdu/English

How to do Plank Exercise in Urdu/English

Plank Exercise

•    Target Muscles:
Abdominals, shoulders, chest, lower back, buttocks, thighs
•    Your Position:
Start by lying face down on the ground or use an exercise mat . Place your      elbows and forearms underneath your chest.
•    Press up to balance on your forearms and toes. Pull your abs in so your lower back does not sag and your hips do not drop.
•    Focus on keeping your torso straight and your abs pulled in to support you. Hold for 10 counts.
•    Step By Step Instructions:
o    Hold this position *focusing on tightening your abs* until you can no longer maintain a flat bridge. For beginners, start with 10 seconds
o    Return to start position.


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