Seven Beauty Routines That Men Hate About Us

Seven Beauty Routines That Men Hate About Us

Beauty Routines That Men Hate About women

Any man likes his girl pretty, but … what do they think of our beauty habits and routines? Today we unveil female habits that bother them.

Seven Beauty Routines That Men Hate About Us

1. – When you leave, they are showered and ready. However, we have a long time ahead: dry our hair and get it perfect, apply face and body creams (that, if we did not play masks), make-up … you never said you’re the most beautiful natural? The big question is: do you really think or want to save waiting time?

morning noise
2.-Noise in the morning: if your guy is lucky enough to get up after you, keep in mind that it is more than likely he will wake up with the noise of the dryer, or the sound of heels. If then you find him in a bad mood, you know the reason for his discomfort.
oral hygiene
3. – “Too much” oral hygiene: If you are not giving good morning kisses if you have not brushed your teeth before, note that they can cut the roll. So try to avoid “Good morning baby … wait, I need to brush my teeth.”
hairs in bathtub
4.-Hairs in the bathtub: Who has not thrown in the face of your partner to stop the drain of the tub filled with long hair? You like them with the toilet seat: things of coexistence.

dye your hair
5.-We always thought it did not look at anything … but many men do not like that if you dye your hair, you wait until the roots are fully evident to get touch-ups. Not to us that they stick out nose hairs …
avoid too much makeup
6.-Too much makeup, fake-its, false eyelashes … Here I have to give them a reason to sleep with a beautiful view on the table and the next morning, false eyelashes, bra padding or hairpiece that you got to have the Hair must be a dramatic shock.
clean bath after scrub
7.-Scrubs and bath salts: Every time you exfoliate in the shower or you take a salt bath, do you clean the bath? If you live with a partner, you should because they hate it.


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