What can Damage your Brain: The 11 Habits that damage your brain

What can Damage your Brain

What can Damage your Brain:

We human have millions of habits, but you never thought about what can damage your brain. There are many of your own habits which can damage your brain. Based on a study by neuroscientists at the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona, the World Health Organization (WHO) has published a list of the habits you should avoid to keep your brain healthy and at full capacity. Some will cost you delete them from your DNA, but worth it. Did you know that this body does not begin to age up to 40 years ? Anyway, it’s time you started to care it deserves. Here is list of The 11 Habits that damage your brain. After going through this article you will have pretty good idea what can damage your brain.

What can Damage your Brain

1. Skipping Breakfast

You just always out of the house without breakfast because of time ? Well you should not do this because this bad habit not only reduces your blood sugar and protein, but can also block cognitive function and / or impair learning.


2. Sugar Abuse

Interrupt the absorption of proteins (these are essential for proper brain development activity), that’s what will happen if you do not control your blood sugar.

What can Damage your Brain

3. Little sleep

You should try to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day because the lack of sleep hinders the reproduction of cells that produce myelin. Translation? Your brain will run slower than usual.

What can Damage your Brain

4. Cover your head to sleep

The concentration of carbon dioxide is fired and oxygen levels decrease during sleep with your heads covered, causing brain damage. The journal Pediatrics , in fact, said that 25 % of babies who die because of a sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) do after sleeping in the wrong position.

What can Damage your Brain

5. Do not do any physical exercise

Sport has endless health benefits. To begin the exercise helps to significantly improve our cognitive ability and is a great ally to prevent any type of neurodegenerative disease.

What can Damage your Brain

6. Eat a lot

Eating more than usual or not eating a balanced diet not do you any good or to your brain. If you do, you will be killing neurons and, therefore, accelerating aging.

What can Damage your Brain

7. Smoke

The snuff rots the brain, impairing our learning ability, reasoning and memory. Now you have another good reason to quit smoking for good.

What can Damage your Brain

8. Stress

Live surrounded by stress and discussions causes hardening of the brain arteries, thus reducing your mental agility.

What can Damage your Brain

9. Isolating the world

It is shown that loneliness decreases your life expectancy. And the size of the prefrontal cortex of your brain is proportional to your social life.

What can Damage your Brain

10. Forcing the brain when you’re sick

Work or study when you do not feel well not only dual effort will cost, but you will be damaging your brain without realizing it (reduce its long-term performance).

What can Damage your Brain

11. Live surrounded by pollution

The brain is the part o body which consumes more oxygen and therefore it is very important to live in a place that does not have a lot of pollution. Otherwise, their performance will drop considerably.

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