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Artificial Calla Lily Arrangement

Artificial Calla Lily Arrangement

Using artificial flowers, a clear vase and Liquid Illusion (a clear floral setting resin kit) you can easily make a wonderful Calla lily everlasting arrangement. When you mix Liquid Illusion and allow it to set it looks like water.

Artificial Calla Lily Arrangement

•    Clear glass vase
•    Liquid Illusion Kit
•    Polysilk Calla Lily Stems (12-24 stems)
•    waterproof floral tape or floral netting

•    Glass vase gems, marbles, polished stones
•    Artificial Calla lily leaves (3 or 6)
•    Onion Grass
•    Curly Willow Branches

Cut your Calla Lily stems to the length that suits your vase.  This way you will know what the finished arrangement will look like after adding Liquid Illusion to it.You can add greenery or filler to the arrangement too. Use calla lily leaves, onion grass or curly willow for filler.

2. Mix Liquid Illusion according to the directions on the package

3. Pour the Liquid Illusion carefully into the vase. Be careful not to splash any on the sides of the vase. Note: I found the best way to do this is to use a plastic funnel and attach a length of plastic tubing (can be found in aquarian supply stores) to it. This way the polymer solution does not touch the side of the vase and goes where you direct it.

4. If you wish you can add polished stones or glass gems to the Liquid Illusion for color and texture. They add interest in the bottom of clear glass vases and containers and hide stem ends. Place the gems or stones 2 in. to 3 in. deep in vase, adding half the resin to them. Then pour the rest of the remaining resin into the vase.

5. Construct a grid with waterproof floral tape on top of vase or use a piece of floral netting to hold your silk flowers in place while the resin sets.

6. Insert your Calla Lilies and filler into the vase. Make sure to work from the center out to the edge of the vase.

7. Let your arrangement set for 24 hours before moving it. It will take a minimum 48 hours to dry.

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