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Dr Smith Jhatka Diet (4) for 4 days: in Urdu – English

Dr Smith Jhatka DietDr Smith Jhatka Diet

Dr Smith Jhatka Diet (4) for 4 days

Smooth Diet:

2 cups of coffee with milk

2 scrambled eggs or 1 cup of cereal (muesli, wholegrain shredded wheat or special K) with low fat or soya milk

1 slice of buttered whole wheat toast

1 cup of berries

2 cups of green salad with 3 tbsp low fat dressing

2 medium slices of pizza (no beef bacon/sausage/pepperoni toppings) OR a small takeaway burger with small fries

1 cup of beans

Take 1 snack from below

2 oatcakes topped with peanut butter

4 large marshmallows/ a handful of nuts/ Low fat ice cream

½ bagel with light cream cheese

1 small baked sweet potato/ or normal potato with 2 tbsp low fat sour cream

2 cups of plain popcorn

½ turkey sandwich on wholegrain bread with 1 tsp low-fat mayo

2 serving of cooked or raw vegetables

Dr Smith Jhatka Diet (5)


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