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Gujranwala Akhroti Halwa


Gujranwala Akhroti Halwa is a very important dessert, especially in the winter when you need something warm to keep you from getting too cold. This is why is providing you with this delicious recipe, just as the weather is starting to get colder, so you are well prepared for the frosty nights ahead.

Gujranwala Akhroti Halwa


  1. Milk – 3 kg
  2. Sugar – 1/2 kg
  3. Tatri (citric acid) – 25g / 3 tbsp
  4. Green cardamom – 1/4 tsp
  5. Walnuts – 50g + 280g (grinded)
  6. Ghee – 5 tbsp
  7. Angori powder – 75g
  8. Glucose syrup – 150g
  9. Water – 1/2kg
  10. Flour – 150g


  • Mix angori and flour in water.
  • Take a pan, add milk and angori mixture.
  • Mix and bring to a boil and keep stirring.
  • When it starts boiling, turn off the heat.
  • After 10 minutes, add tatri and stir very very slowly until milk turns into chunks.
  • Then put back on flame and cook until water dries.
  • Add cardamom powder or seeds and ground akhrot.
  • Mix and add ghee.
  • Cook until water dries again.
  • Fry well, then pour liquid glucose and mix well.
  • Pour in dish, then cover with foil and place in a warm place for 1 to 1 1/2 hours in order to create layers in the halwa.
  • Garnish with walnuts and serve.

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