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Butter Icing for Cake Filling

Use this butter icing for cake filling, especially for Bombay bakery chocolate  cake.


  1. Coco powder – 2 tbsp
  2. Butter – 150 gm /6 ounces
  3. Granulated sugar – ¾ cup /6 ounces
  4. Eggs – 3 beaten


  • Take a pan, add butter and sugar, and cook until butter melts.
  • Let it cool down, then add 3 eggs and cook on very low heat until sugar dissolves and you can see some bubbles around the pan, remove from the heat and let it cool down completely.
  • Mixture will be look like solid shortening.
  • Then beat with coco powder and apply on one side of the cake, and then put the other half of the cake on top it.
  • Pour glazed icing on top and decorate the cake with butter icing on all four sides (or you can also use butter icing instead of glazed icing).


    • Will u plz overcome my confusion as I made this butter icing yesterday but it was very runny .. After melting butter where should be the batter be placed in fridge or freezer or either at room temp. ? After adding eggs for how long time batter be cooked ? N where it kept for cooling to have ghee like appearance ?

      • After melting it, you need to keep it in fridge, not in freezer. Then when you add eggs, you need to cook them well.

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  2. Can you teach us how to make a whipped cream icing using confectionary sugar (powder sugar). Can you tell us in detail how long do you to whipped cream.


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