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Ideas….choose a right bag for you

Ideas….choose a right bag for you

Bags are some of the most important accessories in everyone’s wardrobe. Since it serves not only as an accessory, but also has to be comfortable, it is sometimes excessively hard to choose the right one. Here are some Ideas….choose a right bag for you.


First of all you should define what purpose it serves and where you intend to use it. The question is whether you need it more as an accessory or as something useful outside the scope of aesthetics. The difference between the two is mostly in size. If you need a bag as an accessory you should pick a smaller one and it should be noticeable.


If your bag serves the lone purpose of carrying things, which you need for your job or studies, it should be bigger, more comfortable and simpler.


The most important thing is to match it to your style. For example if you prefer a sporty style – pick a satchel.


If you are more into a bohemian style – it should be larger, worn on one shoulder and made of original material. Elegant women should choose middle-sized neutral colour leather bags.


Don’t forget that bags also go out of fashion, so if you want to look trendy, you should purchase at least one new bag every year. For example, this year, bags with lots of metal details are at the top.


No matter what style you prefer, you can always find something suitable for you and trendy at the same time.
Before purchasing a bag, always check what colour dominates in your wardrobe. Don’t forget that you’ll wear it daily so it has to go perfectly with the majority of your clothes and shoes. If you notice that there is no dominating colour, your wardrobe is very colourful – buy a colourful bag, so it’ll be easy to match it with anything you wear.


While choosing a bag as an accessory more than as a thing for carrying, have in mind one rule – the smaller the better. Small handbags are very elegant and can make for a very nice hint of style.
Nothing can substitute a small black handbag, with small jewels if you want to give off an effect of a luxurious and elegant woman.

When it comes to bags for men, the same rules apply, only it is a lot easier. First of all, consider what you are going to use it for.

Is it a bag for carrying various papers,books and other similar things, or do you need it only for your cell phone, documents and wallet. In the first case, you should define you style (for example, sporty, saggy, punk, elegant) and choose the bag accordingly. The easiest way out in this case is a simple black one-shoulder bag made of leather? The small variant is even easier – it doesn’t have to perfectly fit your style, because usually they go perfectly with anything.
Basically, the most important thing is to consider is the purpose of your bag. When you define its use just match it with your style. Don’t forget to check out the colours of your wardrobe or you’ll have to purchase a number of them instead of having one that fits your wardrobe perfectly.


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