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Ideas for Home Renovation

Give a change to the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom without having to make costly works.

Ideas for Home Renovation

curtain separator

Curtain separator:

A model of metal strips hanging from the ceiling was the option chosen to partially wean dealer lounge. It is functional and also gives a point of glamor.

bathroom ideas

Striped Bath:
A wallpaper of this type makes the ceiling look higher and, therefore, helps to expand the space. You should choose vinyl: it resists moisture and also can be washed easily.

bedroom ideas

Room made to measure:
To gain distance, in this nursery; they have put a pull-out bed which links to the desk, which also functions as a headboard. A white base protects the wall.

terrace ideas

Closed terrace:
It is a good solution to save space and light. These windows without profiles that are set on the sides are the mod. Invisiglass, from the brand Jorkon It lets you enjoy this area in both summer and winter.

headboard ideas

Original and practical headboard:
A low wall halfway up serves as a support to the bed. In addition, it also functions as a divider between the sleeping area and the bathroom just behind. Down to details: the switches and outlets are integrated.

kitchen ideas

Kitchen idea:
It results to be very convenient to separate the kitchen from the dining area without losing visual communication. You can use it for breakfast or fast foods with a few stools, as well as a serving hatch.


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