Vegetables Dum Biryani


  1. One small Cauliflower,
  2. 2 carrots,
  3. few beans,
  4. Mint leaves (2),
  5. Coriander(2),
  6. 200 gms Curds,
  7. Elaichi,
  8. cinnamon,
  9. red chilli,
  10. turmeric,
  11. salt,
  12. Lemon juice (2 big lemons),
  13. Onions (9 onions – finely cut),
  14. Green chilies (15)
  15. Rice 5 glasses

1. Deep Fry (Almost brown) 7 onions and set it aside.

2. Prepare a mix of Cauliflower, carrots, beans, Mint(finely cut), Coriander(finely cut), Curds, Elaichi(10), Cinnamon(4 pieces), red chili powder (2 spoons), salt (5 spoons), turmeric(half spoon), Lemon Juice (2 big lemons), Onions 2 (sliced), and green chilies.

3. Leave the mix to marinate in the deep-freezer for approximately 15-0 minutes.

4. In the mean time, take a big container, Put 4 spoons of oil and fry elaichi and cinnamon. Once you can smell the flavour add 5 glasses of rice to fry along with it. after 5-7 minutes add water (10 glasses) to half-boil rice.

5. Once rice is half cooked( strictly no more water left), leave the rice to dry for a while (may b dry them in large plates if you are too hungry and want to eat biryani soon)… i cant wait to eat it!!!!

6. Now, take the mix out of the fridge. Use the same big container for a bigger mix now. First put all the marinated mix in the bowl (bowl suitable to go on the cooker), then put five spoons of oil on it..(can use the same oil in which you fried onions).

7. Put a layer of the dried half boiled rice on top of it.(Dont put all the rice. Just a layer).

8. Now, put a layer of the fried onions leaving another half for another layer on top.

9. Then another layer of rice.

10. The final layer of onions on top.

11. You can now add some biryani colour on top!!

Now the biryani is ready to cook. Cook it on a low flame with a perfect fitting lid (some weights on top ..not to let the Dum go off).

Leave this for atleast an hour and a half. Then check if the rice is cooked, if yes thats it…. DUM BIRYANI READY TO SERVE!!!! HAVE A GREAT MEAL



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