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Beaded Drop Strings for Jeans

Beaded Drop Strings for Jeans

Choose pewter or glass charms to personalize strings of beads and wear them on your favorite jeans! 

Beaded Drop Strings for Jeans

Liven up a denim skirt with these
strings to create a cheerful look.

What You Need:

* 1–30-inch piece of .019-inch-diameter micro stainless-steel nylon-coated beading wire
* Wire cutters
* 1- or 1 1/2-inch key ring with flexible chain and jump ring
* 6–2 mm crimp beads; crimping tool

For the teal loop:

* 3 pewter charms
* 70–3 mm teal and green glass beads
* 3–6 mm blue glass beads
* 10 vintage teal and green beads, ceramic or wood
* 6–6 mm lime green miracle beads
* 7–tube silver-plated spacer beads
* 3–saucer silver-plated spacer beads
* 2–6 mm round blue-green crystal beads
* 1–16 mm rectangular blue-green glass bead
* 1–10 mm teardrop lime green crystal bead

For the red loop:

* 2 pewter charms
* 1 large heart-shape red glass bead
* 4–3 mm dark gray glass beads
* 6–4 mm red miracle or vintage beads
* 5–8 mm disk-shape red crystal beads
* 13–3 mm dark red glass beads
* 3–3 mm diamond-shape dark red crystal beads
* 6–8 mm diamond-shape dark red beads
* 4–cone-shape red vintage beads
* 1–8 mm round dark red glass bead
* 1–8 mm oblong red vintage bead
* 2–10 to 16 mm oblong red glass or crystal beads
* 8–5 x 3 mm tube Hemalyke (synthetic hematite) beads
* 6–7 x 5 mm rectangular Hemalyke beads
* 3 ornate tube silver-plated spacer beads
* 4 ornate round silver-plated spacer beads


1. Cut three 10-inch pieces of beading wire. Fold one wire in half. Place the fold through the center of the key ring, bring the ends up through the loop, and pull tight.

2. Thread the beads on the wires in the desired order.

3. Thread a crimp bead on one end and pass the wires though a charm or large bead. Thread the wires back through the crimp bead in the opposite direction. Flatten the crimp bead firmly. Trim the ends.
4. Repeat Steps 1-4 for the remaining wires.

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