Beaded Name Bracelet

Beaded Name Bracelet

Make beaded name bracelet and show pride in your children or any loved ones by wearing their names on your wrist.

What You Need:

•    Assorted sterling silver beads and spacers
•    28 black hematite beads; wire cutters
•    4 mm square sterling silver letter beads
•    2–2-hole spacers (small metal rods with 2 holes)
•    24 inches of 26-lb. nylon-covered wire
•    Wire cutters
•    4–2 mm sterling silver crimp beads
•    Claw hook or trigger clasp and ring fastener
•    Crimping tool


  • 1. Measure wrist for desired length. The recommended length is 7 or 7 1/2 inches. Lay out beads in pattern before beginning to string. Pattern in bracelet shown alternates silver beads with black hematite beads before the name begins; then a silver bead alternates with a letter bead. Use two-hole spacers before and after letter beads to connect the strands together in a two-strand bracelet.
  • 2. Cut two 12-inch-long pieces of wire.
  • 3. String one wire through a crimp bead, through hole in claw hook, and back through crimp bead, leaving 3/8 inch wire hanging at the end. Position crimp bead close to claw without touching. Squeeze the crimp bead tightly over both wires.
  • 4. String second wire through a crimp bead, through hole in same claw hook, and back through crimp bead following same instructions as in Step 3. Squeeze crimp bead tightly over both wires so there are two wires attached to one fastener.
  • 5. Begin stringing the first string with beads in the planned pattern. Add a two-hole spacer before first letter and after the last letter.
  • 6. Copy the beading pattern on second string. Thread wire through hole in each two-hole spacer where it is hanging. Use an extra bead or two if the number of letters in each name is different so the 2-hole spacer is straight between both strands. Continue placing beads until bracelet is complete.
  • 7. Check that each strand is same length. Add a crimp bead to the first string. Place crimp bead close to fastener without touching it and squeeze tightly. Finish remaining string same way.
  • 8. Cut off extra wire ends close to beads and hide the ends inside the closest bead.


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