Moroccan DressesPeople in Marrakech are immensely respectful towards foreign customs, for that reason they will hardly seem offended by a lady wearing tank-tops or a short skirt. In truth, it could even make their day…
In the evening, in the hot spots, dressing fashion is 100% Western. “Hijabs” are rarely seen in luxury restaurants and never seen in nightclubs. Woman in Marrakech may easily succumb to the temptation of a slight excess in the distribution of their neckline, high-heeled shoes and miniskirts. These are  rather new dresses for their culture and they are still in the process of adopting them, therefore at times it’s reasonably evident that they are not yet used to putting them on.Moroccan Dresses
In the last few years, a generation of male and female fashion designers has burst with its own clat in the country. The mixture of traditional elements with new fabrics and designs has turned the creations of these artists into a true temptation for those who like to dress well. Come to the fascinating city of Marrakech and enjoy its designs, its style and its distinctive fashion.
For instance, you can check these latest summer collection of Moroccan Dresses by Iman Bch at at Skhirat Beach.

cotton dress

traditional dress

marakash clothes

designer dress


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