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Good Way To Clean Silver Jewellery


This is a really easy and inexpensive way to clean all of your silver (jewellery, silverware or larger items).
You can do this in the sink for larger things, but smaller (like jewellery), just use a glass jar with a lid.
All you need are 3 things:
Aluminium foil
Salt (table salt, rock salt and even baking soda as it’s a natural salt as well)


for jewellery you can just use strips of aluminium foil and a tablespoon of salt, filling your jar half-full with water. This also works with cold water. The aluminium with the salt and water acts as a magnet for the tarnish on the silver. Just drop a few pieces of silver jewellery in the mixture for a few minutes and then take it out and wipe it off – if it’s not too badly tarnished, the tarnish will be gone. If your things are really badly tarnished, it still works but you may have to repeat it a couple of times. Easy! And everything you need is usually right in the house (keep the jar covered when you’re soaking your small pieces).

For bigger items, use the sink; put a sheet of foil on the bottom and a handful of salt. Run very hot water into the sink, and then submerge your items in it for 2-3 minutes. The tarnish should be gone.

It’s also a lot easier than rubbing and rubbing with the silver polish, and that polish usually has chemicals in it that aren’t good for you. Try it!


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