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Hair Color Ideas: Latest Hair Color Trend Winter 2020

Hair Color Ideas

hair color ideas

Since last year we have seen some crazy trends that we can put in our hair. First was the ombre color, then came the pastel colors and then galactic colors; and it seems that the girls can not stop dying their hair all colors. Now the latest color trend is still fresh, and we are talking about new hair color ideas, such as the roots of the rainbow.

hair color ideas

This modern look is basically dye your hair roots instead of just the tips with different colors to make your hair look unique. It is ideal for girls who want to innovate without making such a radical change.

If you decide not to have hair like this, here we’ll show a few roots that will encourage you to change yours.

While you might want to make a radical change to your looks, dye your hair no matter what the rest think, that will not bother you in anything by simply incorporating a more daring look.

This trend, the hidden dye rainbow, consists of only the lower layers of the hair, thus it looks like a brown or a blond at first sight but with a hint of color with the movement.

Here are some hidden layers of colorful hair for you to show them how you want. Yes, it’s a new trend that is emerging at a rapid pace and it is the last layer of coloring your hair with a beautiful multi colored effect. The name under which has become popular is Hidden Rainbow.

To achieve this effect, you must leave the upper layers of hair undyed, making it appear their natural appearance at first sight. And when you tie or push up your hair, it will expose the striking range of colors.

Some shades of hair may feel more appropriate for fall than others; the trend of cinnamon roll or orange sunset can be any of these examples. However, we have discovered a new color trend that is becoming popular in New York: mauve hair chocolate. An adorable mix of dark brown, cappuccino and two shades of pink, mauve makes the most chic chocolate brown for this fall – winter

There are endless ways to play with all these colors, creating the most modern and fun styles.

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