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Home Remedy After Sun Exposure

Home Remedy After Sun Exposure Home remedy after Sun Exposure, Rashes on Face in English and Urdu…

Home Remedy After Sun Exposure


  1. Cortival cream – 10g
  2. Calamine lotion – handful
  3. Alum – 1 pinch
  4. Rose water – 1 tbsp
  • Mix all above ingredients and make cream, apply on face and around the eyes, especially on those parts which are exposed when you go out in the sun.


  1. 2 tbsp glycerine
  2. 2 tbsp rose water
  3. 1 lemon
  4. 2 tsp sugar can extract
  5. Alpha hydroxyl cream – 1 tsp or
  6. 1 tsp strawberry flavoured sour yoghurt
  • Mix all and apply every day at night for 15 minutes.
  • You will get rid of pimples, suntan and your skin will glow.

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