how to make egg oil at home for hair growth

Everybody is always asking how to make egg oil at home for hair growth. Egg oil can help you in cases of baldness, grey hairs before old age, etc. It also helps thicken your hair if it gets too thin; it strengthens your roots and grows stronger and more luscious hair.

How to Make Egg Oil at Home for Hair Growth


  1. Hard boiled eggs – 6
  2. Pan – 1


  • To make egg oil, you need egg yolk separated from hard boiled eggs.
  • Put them in a pan, and cook on low heat until you can see the oil separate and color turns brown.
  • Cool it down, strain and pour in a clean bottle.
  • Remember that when you cook this, it will be very smelly so try to cook somewhere with exhaust and open air.
  • You can increase the quantity of egg yolks according to your need.

Now you have an egg oil use as it is or make this oil:

EGG OIL FOR HAIR LOSS: BY DR KHURRAMhow to make egg oil at home for hair growth


  1. Sir..i want to ask k egg oil easily nahin mil raha mujhe market se..or ghar per banaya tha per theek nahin yeh kahan easily available hoga.?


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