non surgical face lift

A face lift is an extremely invasive medical procedure that can make the face look younger. However, a non surgical face lift mask that will tighten the skin temporarily is easy to make at home with no risk or recovery period. Along with natural face lift exercises that will help you too.

Non surgical Face Lift Mask


  1. Cherries – 40 fresh or tinned
  2. Honey – 3 tbsp
  3. Peach – 1 crushed
  4. Rose water – as required
  5. Glycerine – 2 cup
  6. Lactic acid – 1 glass
  7. Tretinoin cream – 10 gm


  • Take a pan, add cherries, honey, peach, rose water, glycerine and lactic acid, mix and cook well.
  • Then add cream and mix well.
  • Every day at night massage your face with this cream, leave for 20 minutes, and then wash it.
  • With this useful mask your face skin will life, also you will get rid of wrinkles and crows feet. You will see difference on your face.

non surgical face lift1



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