Your Guide to Being 11 Weeks Pregnant:

How your baby is growing

Growth accelerates dramatically, with your baby more than doubling in size over the next month. Fingers and toes lose their webbing and bones begin to harden. Circulatory and urinary systems begin working. And organs start practising the functions they’ll need to undertake later on.
Your Guide to Being 11 Weeks Pregnant
The liver starts producing bile, the pancreas starts producing insulin and muscles in the stomach start contracting to process food. Even your baby is swallowing and sucking in readiness for arrival into the world.


What’s happening to you:

As blood flow increases, your veins swell and blue lines start to appear, particularly in your breast and leg areas. You may feel light headed or dizzy.

Normal niggle:

Dizziness. Caused by your expanding circulatory system and an increase in blood flow to cope with pregnancy. Low blood pressure/sugar, heat, hunger and standing up quickly can all make dizziness worse. Sit down somewhere with good ventilation and drink or eat something if you haven’t eaten for a while.

When to check it out:

If it’s persistent or accompanied by blurred vision, headaches or palpitations. It could be a symptom of severe anaemia, allergy or hyperventilation.

‘To do’ this week:

Make a dental appointment and tell them that you’re pregnant. You’re entitled to free dental care during pregnancy and most routine work can be carried out safely now. Hormonal changes in pregnancy can inflame gums and make them more prone to bleeding and decay, so brush teeth thoroughly, avoid too many acidic foods and drinks, and have a calcium-rich diet, including milk and cheese.


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