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A Very Personal Space for Working at Home

A Very Personal Space for Working at Home

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Would you like to have a very personal space at home to devote to your hobbies? To sew, DIY, for the computer, for drawing…Take note, it’s easy.


1 – Draw, paint and play

Create in your kids’ bedroom a mini area so they can do their homework, play and show their artistic skills by drawing. And so they can access the shelves, you can add a ladder. You can also attach a paper roll with a string tied to two dog hooks.

Draw paint and play

Decorate with fun adhesive stickers:

Let your kids have fun surrounded by dinosaurs through these adhesive stickers. They will think they are in a Jurassic Park! And to complete, citrus colored chair, as well as all kinds of accessories and a small hose clamp lamp.

2 – Needlework

If you like sewing and need your accessories sorted and at hand, you can simply place on a face cloth or, if you prefer, wallpaper, two flown lacquered shelves and a board as a table. And, of course, you cannot forget a drawer, and a swivel chair with adjustable height.


A scrap of pink flowers:

To give it a feminine and romantic touch, you can cover the front wall with a striking pink fabric. On the shelves, books and details give way to the trimmings, threads, ribbons, zippers, buttons …, yes, all in boxes, cans and in the drawers. You can also add a white plastic bin.

3 – A workroom

If you love crafts or mechanics, working this corner is perfect and requires little space. To create it, we have installed on the wall two long parallel rails with supports for holding a wooden shelf and flown worktop. And as a seat, a high chair stool painted white.

A workroom

Personal stickers

To decorate the front of the wall we made some stickers silhouetting a hammer and a wrench on black AIRONFIX. On the shelf, you can place a clock and small pots of zinc, and a metal globe.

4 – Internet

This original nook is perfect for those who always want to be connected to the internet and currently informed. On the wall, you can put two shelves and a blown white board to the computer. On the palette of gray and white color accents highlight the accessories in and we added a fuchsia chair.


The front; newspapers:

It’s an easy way to create some intellectual environment: you only need to cover that part of the wall with pages of newspapers.


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