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Beaded Table Cloth


Beaded Table Cloth


  1. Oil cloth
  2. Card for template
  3. Pinking shears
  4. Beaded trimming

Step 1
Cut a piece of oilcloth to the size of the tabletop, allowing for a 20 cm overhang on all four sides. Cut four strips of matching oilcloth, each 20 cm wide and 40 cm longer than a side of the main piece, to make a “frame” or border to go around the perimeter of the cloth.

Step 2
Lay two strips, right sides together, one on top of the other, squaring up the corners. On the top strip, draw a 45 degree line in from one corner across the width of the fabric to the opposite edge. Machine-stitch down this line through both strips and cut away the excess fabric, then fold the strips back to create a mitred corner. Repeat, attaching strips to the free ends of the first two strips until all four border strips are joined together to create the frame.


Step 3
Make a card template of small scallops. Lay it on the outside edge of the frame and trace round it. Cut out the scallops carefully using pinking shears.


Step 4

With the frame right side up, stitch the beaded trimming to the inside edge of the frame, so that the beads hang towards the scalloped edge.


Step 5

Fold under a 0.5 cm seam all around the main piece of oilcloth and place it over the frame. From the right side carefully machine-stitch all round the edge of the cloth through the folded seam, the edge of the trimming and the frame.


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