Bedrooms thoughtsAvailable storage space and create an atmosphere that invites relaxation are the keys to the furnishing and decorating the bedroom.

Bedrooms thoughts

In white with hint of color
The bedroom is one of the main rooms of the house because it is our most private haven, where we enjoy complete privacy. Here we rest, sleep, relax and we replace forces. For this reason, the distribution and choice of furniture, colors and decorations should be carefully planned. Here are the keys:

bedroom decor

CHOOSE COLORS NIGHTWATCHMEN. When deciding on the colors of the walls and furniture, opt for soothing colors, soft, light and bright, that visually enlarge the space, and fresh blue, combined with warm complements to subtract its coldness; white broken, allowing accessories in strong colors, soft green, mauve …

REST AREA. Try to place the bed in a location that allows convenient access from both sides, and in which you can see most of the room, place it in front of a window or next to it.
ORDER AND STORAGE CAPACITY. One bedroom tidy and well organized store areas is key to creating a relaxed and pleasant, and save space and time when getting dressed. Therefore you should give it areas closet or dressing, to have everything at hand. In this attic bedroom, the headboard wall has been enhanced with green paint, and the rest was painted white to match the bed and the wardrobe free. The Aspelund bed frame, and free wardrobe to match.

Storage space

Storage space
Save meters is key, therefore, we suggest beds and headboards designed for storing linens, sheets, blankets … Practices are also beds with integrated bedside tables with headboards or those that act as shelf for hoses, lamps, books and photos … and replace the tables, thus saving space.

Everything in order

Everything in order
When mounting the enclosure area, consider your needs and draw inside, combining shelves, drawers, hanging rods for hangers and accessories for footwear.

very personal

Very personal
A good idea is to exploit the space behind the bed, as was done here by placing a sliding door cabinet model Anstad Pax. Malm bedside, instead of table, floor lamp and a stool.


A romantic and personal, and greater intimacy is achieved in this room with canopy bed frame Edland.

colourful beddingColourful bedding
When dressing the bedroom, choose comforters and pillows in different materials and that better suit the way you sleep and the time of year. To introduce touches of bright colors in the bedroom, duvet covers and coordinating pillows, cushions, curtains … Above is combined with embroidered white linen and colored red and blue quadrants.


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