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Restore and Reinvent Garden Furniture


Simon Aldersley, the Cuprinol Woodcare Doctor on how to restore and reinvent garden furniture.

Transforming garden wood from lacklustre to magnificent in just one afternoon is really satisfying and simple to do and also means you don’t need to splash out on anything new.

Here’s how in a few easy steps

Step One

* Select the piece of furniture you want to restore and remove all the excess dirt with a stiff bristle brush.


Step Two
Use Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer to bring back the wood’s former splendour. Apply it liberally with a paintbrush and you’ll soon see the wood starting to lighten in colour.


Step Three
Next, work it into the surface using a mild abrasive scrubbing pad.

Step Four Leave it to work its magic for no more than 15 minutes.

Step Five
Next, wash it off with plenty of water. Allow the furniture to dry and then sand the wood to remove loose fibres and maximise the wood’s natural sheen.

Step Six
Use Cuprinol Stay New to lock in the original golden hue you’ve found underneath the greying wood. It’s a truly invisible matt formulation that protects both hard and soft wood from the damaging effects of sunlight, rain and other nasties and it will keep your garden furniture looking as good as new for up to three years.

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