Bhadrasana ~ the throne pose

Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front. While maintaining the contact with the floor, draw both the legs nearer the body with the knees bent outward and the soles of the feet together. Inhale and bring the feet close to the genitals – touching the perineum, with the toes pointing outward. Palms outward, place the hand on respective knees placing them down. Hold the pose and then slowly return to normal while exhaling.

Bhadrasana ~ the throne pose


Time: 15 secs for each round
Value: Exercises the pelvic organs, the groin, the unused thigh muscles and the sex organs.

Bhadrasana is a conditioning asana and helps one prepare for further action. It increases concentration and quietens the mind. Also increases flexibility of the lower limbs.

Severe arthritis, acute slipped disc and any injuries or surgeries on the legs. Beginners may find it difficult to practice Bhadrasana and might not be able to maintain the posture for long. This is mainly due to inflexibility of hip joint and thigh muscles. With regular practice, this can be overcome.


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