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Pastel, neon, intense … gateways traveled here and there and we like what we’ve discovered: spring makeup risks and wins.

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Choose Color

purple and redPurple and red

The must-have for this season is Dior nail polish Forget me not 694, the ‘perfect purple’ has been renamed . Surely you never would have thought to mix it with red? Because it shows that the duo will impress. The combination is successful and elegant.

Go purpleGo Purple

Dress your eyes with the full range of lilies and violets, well matched with earth tones and gold, are flattering and nothing loud. Mix the color with eyeliner and mascara. Save it exclusively for the night.

Ripe orangeRipe orange

It is the fashion color this spring and its use is limitless. The easiest is to use it on the nails, but you can take the license to give a touch to your eyelids and cheeks that do not use a very intense tone. The result is a ‘healthy’ and fresh look.

A touch of yellowA touch of yellow

The nail polish color is the color of the Sun . It is perfect for encouraging the early days of spring. Take them short and slightly rounded. As for the face, leave it bare and the lips with a matte tone of coral or light pink.

Red blurredRed blurred

Erry Barber, creative director for MAC UK, proposes an Art Nouveau style of mixing pastel shades for cheeks and eyes, and faded red lips. The key is imprecise, to leave half-finished lips.

Blue and Pink
Blue and pink

It is the boldest proposal of NDA: arlequinar nails in rich tones.Play with blue and shocking pink to give an impact on nails. If you decide,leave it to professionals, requires much skill. Choose a soft makeup on the side.


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