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Correcting Sagging Skin


Correcting Sagging Skin

How can we correct sagging skin and eliminate sagging neck and jaw?

Correcting Sagging Skin. It is in the neck and jaw where the passage of time becomes more evident. In the lower third of the face and upper neck this time is shown in the form of sagging. In people with plain faces, it can be a double chin and for patients with long and thin faces, it’s the area around the mouth and jaw where firmness is lost.

How can we eliminate sagging neck and jaw?

In reality there are no specific exercises to keep the tone of the area and from a surgical point of view it is the most complex areas of improvement. Why? The causes are many, but the most important are the repeated increases and decreases in weight, smoking and photoaging causing denaturation of proteins, collagen and elastin break and tissue thins. In men this process is slower because they have greater thickness in the dermis.

Ideally start preventive treatment from 30-35 years including noninvasive as radiofrequency and use sunscreen techniques. And from 35-40 you should add your own regenerative medicine treatments such as Bioplasty with platelet derived growth factors or “platelet rich plasma”, the use of absorbable thread lifts and facial fillers in the perioral and malar area. From 45-50, in addition to the above treatments, you can decide on a surgical procedure to reshape the lifting area.

If there is excess fat and sagging jowls, the required treatment is neck liposuction because we reduce adipose tissue and scarring itself contributes to rehabilitation and skin tension. In cases where the sagging is already evident cervical or cervicofacial lift surgery will be the choice to allow repositioning of tissues with sutures to tighten internal AMS (musculoaponeurotic system surface).

In short, the treatment for a sagging jaw line and neck is possible but depends on the age of the patient, the volume of fat in the neck and the level of sagging.

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