Beaded Bookmark Tutorial

Beaded Bookmark Tutorial

Hold your place in your next book with a fun and funky beaded bookmark that works up quicker than you can say “Once upon a time.” with this beaded bookmark tutorial.

What You Need:

•    Wire cutters
•    18-gauge wire in desired color
•    Needle-nose pliers
•    Glass beads
•    Small dowel
•    36-gauge metallic wire, optional


  • Cut a 24-inch length of 18-gauge wire. Using pliers bend over one end of wire for the bottom of the bookmark.
  • Thread desired bead(s) on straight end of wire and slide them to the bottom. Shape the wire as desired.
  • For the top of the bookmark, make a bend in the wire or wrap it around a small dowel where you want the top beads to be held. Place beads on the wire. Shape the end of the wire into a spiral to hold the beads in place. If desired, make a wire spiral from a short length of wire and attach to the top of the bookmark by forming a loop in the end of the bookmark wire.
  • If desired tightly wrap small sections of the beaded bookmark with metallic wire.


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