Cracked Lips

Cracked Lips are a common problem, time to time we all suffer chapped and cracked Lips. It’s very easy to avoid Cracked Lips. Here are three steps to avoid them.

Cracked Lips

First, do not moisten constantly. Although we do not realize when we have dry lips or cracked instinctively tend to pass the tongue and aggravate the problem.

Second, exfoliate occasionally to free them from dead skin cells, which leaves the skin perfectly prepared to absorb 100% of balm which you apply on your lips. A soft toothbrush can be very helpful to rub the lips and get rid of excess tops. Here is a homemade scrub solution, mix white sugar and almond oil, and rub it gently on your lips with soft toothbrush.


Cracked Lips

Third, choose a good balm; it should be soothing, moisturizing and protective. Honey and Oat soothe thin lips while butter and wheat germ oil, organic extra virgin olive and almond o the moisturizing. Beeswax and glycerin which is 100% from vegetables, forms a protective barrier, sealing hydration and nutrition for your lips. And finally, white chocolate, sweet orange oil and vanilla absolute, soften and sweeten your mouth.


  1. Yes, Sana lip balm is the common solution and it works because if we moisturize our lips regularly it reduces the risk of dry or cracked lips.


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