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False Eyelashes Tutorial

False Eyelashes Tutorial for Beginners

False eyelashes never go out of fashion, for decades they have been allies of women who want a shocking look. Besides being ideal for those who have very small eyelashes. To apply false eyelashes you don’t have to be an expert, you just need patience and practice and you will become an expert by following these simple steps to put on false eyelashes. Follow this false eyelashes tutorial for beginners.

False Eyelashes Tutorial

False Eyelashes Tutorial for Beginners


  1. Material: As a first step you need: False eyelashes, tweezers, an orange stick, scissors, glue for false eyelashes and a magnifying mirror.False Eyelashes Tutorial for Beginners
  2. Makeup: The next step to put false eyelashes, eye makeup must be complete and leave the false eyelashes at the end so you will not run the risk of ruining them.False Eyelashes Tutorial for Beginners
  3. Outlines: To put false eyelashes is necessary to delineate the eye that will guide us to know where to place the eyelash, so it is recommended that the outline is as close to the root of the lashes as possible.False Eyelashes Tutorial for Beginners
  4. Eyelash size: Once makeup is on, we are ready to apply the eyelash, so first we have to do it is measure the length of the eyelashes to the natural course of your eye, if the eyelash is longer, cut it with scissors.False Eyelashes Tutorial for Beginners
  5. Glue: Once cut, apply glue on false eyelashes and place them along your real eyelashes and let it dry for 10 seconds.False Eyelashes Tutorial for Beginners
  6. False Eyelashes: Place the eyelash closest to the natural line of your lashes. You can use tweezers to hold the stick and, gradually pushing up where you see fit.False Eyelashes Tutorial for Beginners
  7. Outlined: To hide the line of false eyelashes applied with natural black liquid eyeliner.False Eyelashes Tutorial for Beginners
  8. Mascara: To hide the line of false eyelashes apply natural black liquid eyeliner.

Usually, with these simple steps you will look glamorous and captivating. The false eyelashes can be applied either before or after makeup, and remember to buy the eyelashes that look most natural and a special glue, as the one that comes in the package with the eyelashes is usually not strong enough.

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