homemade oil for hair loss

Homemade Oil for Hair Loss Recipe 

Hair loss issues occur due to lack of vitamins and lack of healthy diet, in that case you have to make this homemade oil for hair loss, along with loads of vegetables, milk and yogurt, especially mongray vegetable.


  1. Desi egg oil – ½ kg
  2. Black pepper – 1 tsp
  3. Mometasone cream – 10g
  4. Lemon – 1 juice with 12 seeds crushed
  5. Onion – 1 crushed

Mix and boil, then leave for 3 days under the sun, then massage on scalp, three times a week. Hair falling will stop and your hair will thicken.


  1. hello Ghazala ji i wanted to talk about my weight if u email me so i can tell you in details and want tips that works has i have tried everything nothing seem to be working for me.

  2. Hello sis mujhe pochna tha ke agar oil ya shampoo banane ke liye pen na hoto degchi me bana sakte hain kia plz help me


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