Homemade Shampoo and Oil for Hair Loss by Dr Khurram

Take 10 gm flakes of lux or Capri soap or any un perfumed soap, add 2 tsp of aloe Vera gel, 1 tsp of honey,  rose merry oil or rose oil,  lemon juice and lecithin.. Wash your hair with this home made shampoo.
You can use this shampoo for 3-5 days a week.
Take a tablet containing selenium and zinc twice a day with mint and honey water.

Honey Mint Drink

Take some crushed mint and 1 tsp of honey and mix it in Luke warm water. Also take 1 tube of Salicylic Acid Cream and mix it in the mustard oil 300ml. Keep it in a bottle and apply it on scalp.

Homemade Oil to Prevent Hair Falling:

Take Sour almond oil, handful almond, ½ pinch baking soda, 2 lemon and 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar, mix and apply on hair at bed time, then apply used tea and next day wash with shampoo.


  1. i want 2 know wat is avocado
    & wat r its uses skin, body and hair
    and i want know dat in which places of pakistan it is available .

    • Avocado is a great source of many things, for example:
      Avocado is great antioxidant and can be used for skin disorders.
      Avocado will aid healing for people suffering from digestive and circulatory problems.
      Another benefit of avocado for the skin where avocado paste can be applied to rashes and rough skin to make it smoother.
      The brighter the fruit, the more beta-carotene (the substance that helps to prevent cancer) your avocado contains.

      Plz check in big shopping centre like in Islamabad, kohsar market, aab para, something like that…………hope u got ur answer?


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