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How to Apply Anti aging Cream

How to Apply Anti aging Cream

How to Apply Anti-aging Cream

At first glance, applying anti aging cream seems easy; however, following some tips becomes essential to get the most out of these products. Step by step, learn what habits you should adopt and how to apply anti aging cream perfectly.

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Remove your makeup:

The first step in any skin care is cleaning; that can be done in two ways: with cleansing milk or water micellar.

Micellar Water:

We are more accustomed to cleansing milk and We clean the eyes first. With the micellar water, it’s different because it is watery and later the water longer in makeup remover. To be effective, it is necessary to stop briefly moistened cotton over the eyes and then dry without rubbing.

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Cleansing Milk:

Ideally applied with the fingertips on the whole face to gently peel off the impurities that accumulate during the day, like
pollution and makeup. Then we remove the remaining with a cotton pad and rinse with a
soothing lotion or with thermal water. If we skip these steps, it can clog pores and create more impurities.

Outline of the eyes:

We must take care not to apply the anti-aging cream in the eye area; application must be made in the part of the bone, leading to activate flick around microcirculation. We should never apply the product on the upper eyelids or lower because the skin is much thinner than the rest of the face. In these areas, specific products should be applied.

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The application of anti-aging cream:

First use a serum, which improves the impregnation product and action. The serum is applied on the entire face avoiding the eye area and neck. We can put a little on the neckline. The serum is moisturizing so you have to go with an anti-aging moisturizer to keep the skin young and beautiful. There are women who believe that the wrinkle will be more effective if they use more product; however, increasing the number is useless because the skin has a limited absorption capacity. The important thing is that it penetrates well; for this we can give a little flick and massage with your fingers.

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