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How to make phone charms

How to make phone charms:
Crystal phone charm


I just love using crystals with vibrant colors to make phone charms. Choose color choices that suit you, as well as a beautiful charm to add to the end of the crystal chain. I’ve used belcher chain with links of 2mm for this project. Another way of making a short chain is to use small jump rings, and attach them to each other to form a chain.

You will need a cell phone strap which is available from most hobby and bead stores, ebay, online bead stores and some cell/mobile phone stores.

What you need:

* cell/mobile phone strap
* headpins
* 15 bicone crystal beads (4mm)
* 15 links of jewelry making chain (links must be at least 2mm wide)
* headpins
* 4mm or 5mm jump ring (to attach the silver charm)
* silver charm of your choice
* round nose pliers
* chain or flat nose pliers
* wire or side cutters
* safety glasses (optional)



Step 1:
Take your chain with 15 links and slide it onto the split ring of the cell phone strap.


Step 2:
Slide your crystal beads onto the headpins.

Step 3:
Make a loop for each headpin.


Step 4:
Now it’s time to attach the crystals to the chain. Take your round nose pliers and open the loop of each crystal. Try not to open it too wide, otherwise the round shape of the loop might be distorted. Take one crystal and attach it to the last link of the chain. Close the loop completely with your round nose pliers to avoid the crystal from sliding off the chain.

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Step 5:

Attach one crystal to every link of the chain. Close each loop completely.


Your cascade looking chain will now look like this:


Step 6:
The last thing you need to do is to attach the silver charm. Open the 4 or 5mm jump ring. Slide the charm onto the jump ring first. Then slide the last link of the chain (to which the first crystal bead was attached) onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring the same way that you’ve opened it. Well done. I hope this inspired you to make phone charms and lovely beaded jewelry.


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