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Dry Skin Care Routine

Dry Skin Care Routine

Dry skin always leads to cracking of the upper layer of skin which gives it a real bad appearance. The main causes of dry skin are dry climate, hormonal changes, too much exfoliation and treatment of other skin disorders. Dryness could be the inherent nature of one’s skin. Whatever is the cause, ‘Dry skin care routine’ is very important but not very difficult.Dry Skin Care

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To adopt dry skin care routine, the first step in Dry skin care is moisturisers, which is the most effective remedy ever known for dry skin. There are two categories of moisturisers which are based on the way they provide dry skin care. The first and main category is of those moisturisers that which preserve in the skin provide or example commonly used is Vaseline. These moisturisers are relatively cheap and easily available everywhere.

Dry Skin Care Routine

The second category of moisturisers is that work by drawing moisture from the environment and supplying it to the skin. In humid conditions this is very effective way of dry skin care. The moisturisers who provide dry skin care in this way are also called humectants. For proper dry skin care, it’s a must to use a moisturiser which is not greasy.

Now we understand moisturisers are very important to cure dry skin. Now comes the cleansing of skin. Before applying any kind of moisturiser we have to cleanse the skin. Best and more effective way of applying a moisturiser is on the damp skin right after the cleansing.  Use soap free products on your face, neck and arms. Exfoliation can help in dry skin care, because it removes the dead skin cells. Remember never exfoliate too hard. Use an umbrella or hat to avoid direct sun. Use a good sunscreen lotion before going out. Most of the moisturisers provide sun protection along with dry skin care.


Use of natural products for dry skin care is good option. I mean the products that provide dry skin care in a natural way without the use of synthetic or chemicals. These dry skin care products supply lipid enhancements to the skin, hence enabling moisture retention within the skin. Temperature of water is very important factor which we use for shower or for washing our face. Always use warm water because very hot or very cold water can cause dryness on our skin.

Dry skin care is also about being gentle with our skin. We should avoid harsh detergents and alcohol based cleansers. After a face wash never rub your towel on your face, just pat gently to soak the water off. On the whole, dry skin care is really simple for anyone who takes that seriously.

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