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How to Stitch Sari Petticoat, in English / Urdu

For Pattern

How to Stitch Sari Petticoat

We get 6 panels, 2 central panels, 2 right side panels and 2 left side panels as shown in the picture below.


Join the side panels to the central panel. 2-8 to 3-9, 4-10 to 5-10. Do the same thing to the other set. We get 2 pieces A and B, one set for back and the other for front. As shown in the picture below.
Now we have to join front to back. Keeping right sides together join front to back. Join 1-5 to 4-8. On the other side keep an opening of 6 inches. Join 9-6 to 10-7. Do not stitch the portion 2-9 and 3-10 together. Turn them inside and stitch separately. This is the side opening.

Waist band:

Measure the top of the petticoat (waist line) and cut a waist band ABCD 6 inch wide and length equal to the top of the petticoat+1 inch. Fold ½ inch on ends A-C and B-D of the waist band and stitch.
Fold ½ inch along A-B and C-D and crease. Open the side A-B and attach it to the petticoat top from inside. Keep right side of the band and the wrong side of the petticoat together and stitch on the crease made earlier. Fold the band length wise stitch the edge C-D to the waist line so that the fold just covers the machine stitching at the waist line. Turn the bottom of the petticoat by 1 inch and stitch. Run a draw string along the waist band.


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