How to make Pattern for Sari Petticoat, in English / Urdu | Pak Ladies

How to make Pattern for Sari Petticoat, in English / Urdu

How to make Pattern for Sari Petticoat
Six Piece Sari Petticoat

A petticoat is the main undergarment worn with a sari. Sari petticoats usually match the colour of the sari and are made of satin or cotton. A notable difference between the western petticoat and sari petticoat is that the sari petticoat is rarely shorter than ankle length.

Measurement needed:

Hip – measure around the widest part of the hips.
Usually hip line 7 or 8 inches below the waist line.
Full length
Width of the waist band

Instructions for pattern making:

Line – A-F should fall on the fold
A-F = full length – waist band width 6 inches
Mark point D on A-F such that A-D=7 or 8 inches
Draw perpendicular from A, D and E
A-B=1/8 waist + ½ inch
A-C= ½ inch
D-E= 1/8 hip+ ½ inch
Join B-E and produce. This line meets the perpendicular drawn from F at H.
G-H= ½ inch
Shape B-C and F-H
Cut along C-B and F
Cut along the folding line C-F and separate the sheets.


Fold the material twice, making 4 layers. Place the paper draft on the cloth as shown in the figure and cut.


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