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Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer

 Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer

 Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer


You would like to learn how to  make your blow dry last longer like a professional? Then here are a few simple tips on how to get frizz-free results.

Straight Hair without using Straightener

Start with wet hair. You can gently towel-dry, but don’t rub too hard (it’ll get tangled). For the smoothest, most long-lasting results, avoid “rough drying” — fluffing the hair with your hands while drying. While it saves time, it makes hair frizzy. Don’t use too much product. If your hair is fine or oily, it’ll become limp. Put a bit of product only the ends, if needed.

Blow Dry Hair

Divide your hair in sections, and start in front because this area tends to dry the quickest. Using a round brush and plenty of tension, aim the blow-dryer at the roots and move it along the length of your hair to the ends. Heating the hair in the direction of the cuticle helps keep it smooth and fights frizz.
For volume and height, hold each section up and in the opposite direction from the way you want it to lie. For extra bounce, pin each section up after drying to let it cool. This helps set the curl so your hair doesn’t go flat the minute you walk out the door.

Hair Loss Prevention Treatment by Dr Khurram Musheer

To make your blow-out last, spray your hair lightly and then leave it alone. Avoid brushing it out or running your fingers through it — this will break up the bounce and make it go limp.


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