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New Years Eve Party Makeup

New Years Eve Party Makeup

New Years Eve Party Makeup. The makeup at night to party have certain characteristics that need to know, to give your face all its splendor and natural shine.Who does not want to look different on a special night?

Makeup for New Years Eve Party

It is an excellent opportunity to show off shades that are not encouraged on other days. However, before proceeding to make up your face, you should prepare and protect skin.

  • For this, it uses a base with high hiding power, a concealer to conceal imperfections and shine to remove dust.
  • Evening makeup is characterized as much more intense than daytime makeup, allowing very bold notes of contrast and brightness.
  • Use intense colors, in addition to silver and gold purples, grays, blues and greens.
  • Apply the illuminator in the fixed upper eyelid and tear and liner usual. Both contribute to highlighting the eyes.
  • Then apply two coats of mascara.
  • If necessary, highlight the eyebrows so that they are better defined.
  • Finally, color lips with red or other bright, vivid color, high hiding power and durability to withstand all evening.
  • Finally, apply a subtle blush.
  • Makeup for New Years Eve Party


For Eye Makeup:

  • Apply the lighter shade on the fixed eyelid below the eyebrow.
  • Highlight the eyelid with golden tone.
  • Applying an intermediate tone in the eyelid contour, i.e the connection between the fixed and mobile eyelid.
  • Finally border the eye area with the most intense tone.
  • Apply mascara and finally make up your lips with lip gloss.

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