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Serving Ideas for Drinks

Try these Serving Ideas for Drinks. Drinks are a special part of any kind of party. Doesn’t matter it’s a Birthday party or Christmas tables. It just takes some great ideas and drink recipes to serve something other than fizzy drink in plastic cups.  We often end up setting out a cooler stocked with juice, soda and water. But I love the idea of serving nice lemonade or other specialty drink at our next party. That means we need to figure out a cute way to display it. You can choose (or serve) your drinks to match the theme of your party, or simply pick a few easy options so that your guests have a choice. Here are some great party drink ideas.Serving Ideas for Drinks

Serving Ideas for Drinks

beverage bar
Let guests at your bridal shower help themselves to their beverage of choice. Simply display small carafes—filled with iced tea, water, lemonade, or juice—nestled in ice in a large serving bowl. Look for carafes at kitchen shops or restaurant supply stores.

tropical punch
Drink a toast to island life with this tangy mixture of pineapple juice, cranberry juice cocktail, brown sugar and ginger ale.

Jasmin chai
In India it goes by the name of chai or masala chai, which translates as “spiced tea.” No matter what it is called, each locale has unique ways of serving tea, too — strong or weak, flavoured with lemon, milk or spices, with great ceremony or none at all.

drink idea
Adding an umbrella makes simple drinks fancy and summery! Try color coordinating your drink to your umbrella’s for themed weddings.
Shake up your latest creation and serve it in these hip glasses. The creative two-part set will keep your drink cool and provide an easy resting place when you aren’t busy  enjoying the latest elixir.

donut drink
For children or adults that don’t drink how about serving up hot chocolate. Here is a brilliant  idea that is to die for. The mini donuts really finish it off.
Aapple cup
For a great presentation, serve your cider — spiked or not — in these gorgeous apple cups


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