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Tips for Good Sleep – Sweet Dreams

Tips for Good Sleep

Sweet Dreams – Tips for Good Sleep:

Tips for Good Sleepwould you like to stop counting sheep and beat insomnia?

If you do not hit the eye, which throws all night turning over in bed and suffer some stress … Do not worry, we can give you some solutions. You too deserve to have sweet dreams.

  • Not necessary hours of rest we wake up tired, irritable and distracted. All day we find it uphill and it is likely that our immune system decreases.
  • Good sleep helps us to recharge, serves to generate new defences and helps our brains easily store experiences.
  • Typically, sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day, but not everyone needs the same hours of sleep.
  • We are the ones who know if it is enough to wake up rested.
    If you want to feel better, take note of our advice, you’ll see how soon you’ll wake up with much more energy:
  • The key is to choose a good environment to rest.
  • A room that does not receive a lot of noise and that has a comfortable bed adapted to our weight and height.
  • The choice of the pillow is important. In the market a wide range that goes from the hardest, even the soft, anatomical, feathers. The pillow is very personal and even sleep with your partner is better to use your own.
  • Once we have the bed and pillow think sleepwear. Change your sheets regularly, using cotton and to make you feel much more rested and better detergent wash them with your life. Ariel Sensations, will leave a scent on the sheets that will make you feel good, it is also durable and will help you remember when you were little and slept peacefully, sheltered by your mom.
  • Then, once stretched and fastened in bed, enjoy the break you’re looking for the feeling of cleanliness and purity will help you relax and find sleep.
  • Now that you have everything in place, prepare a hot bath with chamomile and some salt because it soothes and prepares the body for relaxation.


  • “It’s good exercise for the day, at the same time. Do not think that exercise before sleep make us more tired to help us sleep.
  • “Do not do heavy meals before bedtime, or energy drinks or caffeine.
  • “Alcohol and snuff are enemies of sleep. They are also stimulants that keep us awake while also reducing the oxygen that must come to our body and prevent us from fully reclining.

During sleep: 

  • Now that you’re in bed, use soothing music, because if you put a low volume, it quiets the mind. Also, do not put the TV on, because sometimes it clears you too, especially if you see violent movies.
  • The best thing is to lie comfortably, listening to soothing music and read a good book.
  • Breathing and meditation can also help you find your dream.
  • Do not work in bed or in your room, this gives our brain the wrong language which means our break.
  • Try to leave the problems away from the bedroom, you’re tired and you will not find a solution that satisfies you. If a problem has a solution, it often appears when you are clear.
  • Now just take a deep breath and sleep.
  • If insomnia is persistent and is not related to any changes in your lifestyle, or stress, see your doctor, he will help you find the best remedy for your situation.


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