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Tips for Unwanted Facial Hair: English – Urdu

Today’s major issue for women is Unwanted facial hair, and its most effective solution is laser hair removal system, but not everyone can afford laser treatments. Here are some Tips for Unwanted Facial Hair, easy to use and easily available in your kitchen cabinet.

Tips for Unwanted Facial Hair


Jaggery ground – 500 g
Hot water – 1 cup
Citric acid – ¼ tsp
Glycerine – ½ tsp
Mix all above ingredients and apply on unwanted facial hair, wait until dry, then  rub it of smoothly.

Tip 2:

Wheat flour – 125 g
Turmeric powder – 10 g
Lemon zest – 10 g
White sandalwood powder – 10 g
Mix all above ingredients in goat milk and make smooth paste. Massage on facial hair.

Lemon and Honey Hair Removal


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