Treatment to Get Rid of Molesmole remedy

Treatment to get rid of moles

Treatment to Get Rid of Moles. Nowadays, due to unhealthy diets, almost everyone develops at least one mole, if not more. mostly moles are not something that you need to worry about but if they are big in size then before you start using any home remedies to remove facial moles, it would be a good idea to be checked by a dermatologist – just to make sure that they are harmless; then try this face wash and cream.

To get rid of moles, wash your face daily with KOH lotion mixed in water.


Mix equal quantities of Acyclovir cream and Dermosalic cream. Apply 3 times a day and massage on your face. Along with this treatment, add plum, peach, honey and milk to your diet. Always apply SPF30 when you go out.


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